Your projects are safer with cyber security.

We make the technologies and services you use in the infrastructure more reliable with our cyber security services.

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What are our cyber security services?

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Network Security
We analyze the network security in detail and offer solutions to the necessary gaps.
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Endpoint Security
We test the security of all layers such as Disk Encryption, Device Control, Mobile Security, Remote Access / VPN, Host Based Intrusion Prevention System and report the necessary solutions.
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Data Security
We can analyze the required data security tests such as Access Management, Encryption, Data Loss / Leakage Prevention, and Database Security.
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Security Management
We professionally provide you with all the cyber security management services such as Security Operations, System Management, Vulnerability Management, Incident Response, Compliance / Compliance.
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Application Security
We serve you Web Application Firewalls, Application Testing, Secure Development, Web Application Evaluation, Managed Services.
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Identity and Access Management
Directories, Authentication, Provisioning, Web Access Management, Federation services.